Canaryville Lions Youth FootballFrequently Asked Questions

When is registration?

Online registration starts on July 1st and continues until weigh-in day. In person registration starts August 2nd and continues until first game.

What do I need for registration?

You will need a birth certificate, sports physical and the registration fee. That fee is $175.00.

Can I pay the fee in cash?

We accept cash for in person registration. Payment should be by personal check, money order in person, or visa, master card, or American Express on line. If a personal check is returned for insufficient funds you are responsible for any fees.

When does practice start?

Practice starts on the August 2nd, 2021 .

Where is practice?

The entire team practices at McInerney Playlot, a Chicago Park located at 4500 South Halsted Street.

When is practice?

Practice is five days a week in August, Monday through Friday, 5:30 P.M. until 7:30 P.M. Once the season starts practice is Tuesday through Friday, same time.

When does the season start?

The season normally starts the first Sunday after Labor Day.  This year is yet to be determined.

When does the season end?

The regular season ends seven weeks (7 games) after the start of the season. The season may be extended if the Team makes the Playoff Game, and the Championship Game. Additionally your child may be selected to play on the All-Star team. The All-Star Game is held the weekend after the Championship game.

When are the games?

Home games are on Saturdays. Away games may be on Saturday or Sunday.

How many home games?

Normally the team plays four home games.

Where will the home games be played?

Taylor-Lauridsen Park located at 41St Street and Union Avenue.

What time are the games?

Home games, and any Saturday game:
Pee Wee games start at 12 P.M., Widget games start at 2 P.M. and Varsity games start at 4 P.M.
Sunday games
Pee Wee games start at 10 A.M., Widget games start at 12 P.M. and Varsity games start at 2 P.M.

What does my child wear to practice?

Until football equipment is issued, your child can wear a tee shirt and gym shorts. No hats! No jewelry!
The player will need an athletic supporter and cup along with cleats (no metal). After the season starts Fridays are normally helmets only and the players wear tee shirts and gym shorts.

When is football equipment issued?

If the child’s fee has been paid in full, the child may be suited up after practicing five days without football equipment. Normally no one is suited up until the 2nd Saturday after practice starts. After the child has been issued football equipment the child must practice in equipment. No child may play in a game until they have practiced in equipment for five days.

Can I provide my own equipment?

Yes, with your coaches inspection and approval. No jerseys with personalized names!

What if my child loses or damages the football equipment?

You are responsible to replace the equipment with new equipment or pay for new equipment before your child plays in their next game.

When do I return the football equipment?

Immediately after your child’s last game, whenever that happens.

Can I watch my child practice?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to attend practice every day and become part of the Lion’s family!

What about games?

Even more absolutely, and bring your friends, cousins, grandmothers/fathers, anyone who wants to watch kids have fun playing football.